Roof Replacement

Before you commit to investing in a brand new roof, contact us to have an experienced professional roofer inspect your existing roof – you might only need a few repairs (which can save you thousands!). But, if you do need your roof replaced, it’s important to do your research to find a roofing company that has both the experience and integrity to do the job right. A properly installed roof will protect your business or family for years to come, and it’s worth the price to ensure it’s done right the first time.

We don’t skimp on the quality of our workmanship or materials, but we do offer the best value for your dollar. We triple check our measurements to reduce your materials cost, and have the knowledge to advise on the best options for attractive roofing within your budget. And, our roofs are covered under a factory and installation warranty for additional security.

At JT Construction Inc we know that some home improvement projects are more fun than others – and replacing your roof likely isn’t in your top five! So we work to ensure that replacing your roof is hassle-free, affordable, and efficient, freeing you up to do the things you’d rather do.

JT Construction Inc is licensed, insured and bonded.

Every costumer gets free gutter cleaning with their new roof.

We have 0% interest on financing for 18 months.

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