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At Construction Roofing Contractors. in Kissimmee, Florida, we are professionals with experience in both residential and commercial roofing and insulation. Founded on the belief that our customers deserve the best, we only use the best roofing materials and top-of-the-line equipment to deliver top-notch installation and performance. We set our standards high to deliver outstanding quality work and our goal is to provide excellent services at competitive pricing. We believe that building relationships with our clients is the most important. Serving and respecting our customers to the best of our ability is our commitment. We want you to be proud of your long-lasting investment.
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  • When is the best time to get your roof done?

    The best time is now. If you see damage on your roof, it is good to call as soon as possible. A leak can cause more damage to the home. It is better to get it fixed now.

  • Are your services covered by my home insurance?

    The short answer, yes. Your roof is typically covered by your insurance. If you have damage or it is older than 15 years, it might need to be replaced to keep your insurance.

  • How long can I expect my roof system to last?

    The longevity of your roof depends on what material you choose. Shingle roofs last fairly long, however, metal and tile roofs last a lot longer.

  • My roof leaks. Do I need to have it replaced completely?

    Not necessarily. It’s possible that a section of your roof is loose, or that damage occured in one place only. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation before suggesting repair options.


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Est. 2003. Serving Florida Homeowner for over 21 Years!